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Tri-Core Pillow

Our best selling orthopedic pillow,  the Tri-Core, is prized for its  effectiveness in correctly aligning  the spine and supporting the  neck in its natural position to help  relieve headaches, neck pain for  side and back sleepers alike. 
* Juicing for Colds and Sinus Infections:  - 2 peeled oranges - 1/2 lemon or lime w/ skin -1 or 2 radishes - 1/8 Ginger w/ skin on - pinch of Garlic Ask Us For More Info


We recommend and carry a variety of supplements at both Southern Oregon Chiropractic & The Wellness Clinic,  and can help you find just what your body has been missing, at affordable prices.
Supplements $50
Probiotic Sufficiency 60 capsules
BioFreeze pain reliever - roll on
Formula 303 relaxant - 90 tablets
Vitamin D-3 support - 120 softgels
Omega Sufficiency lemon 500ml
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