If this is your first time visiting our site we want to welcome you. Are you wondering where to start? Let’s start with some of the basics to help you get the most from this site.

Start Here

After you browse our site and services you will find many options available to you especially if you are looking to relieve pain. Chiropractic, Massage, Acupuncture, and even Physical Therapy. It can be hard to know where to start or which option is best. We always recommend that you start with chiropractic. Chiropractic Doctors can diagnose and put together a complete treatment plan like no other provider. So the best place to start is by making a Chiropractic new patient appointment. Use that new patient appointment to talk to the doctor about other options available in the clinic that you would like to try.

Car Accidents

If you have recently been in an auto accident, no matter how small, make an appointment today. We can work out the details of your policy and payment after your initial exam. The most important thing is that you get check right away. Residual side effects from the smallest fender bender can take weeks to show. So even if you’re not feeling any pain or discomfort it’s a good idea to have an exam. Give us a call and let the receptionist know that you were just in an accident and need to get in today.

New Patient Forms

New Patient forms are necessary for us to be able to provide great patient care. A good place to start is by filling out the new patient forms listed below depending on which services you will receive. Take a moment to print them and fill them out. This will save you time at your appointment. If you have them forms already filled out you will only need to arrive 10 min early for your appointment. Can’t print them out? That’s ok, just arrive 30 min early and you can fill them out in the clinic.

Click here to download our Patient Forms.

Cost or Insurance coverage?

Are you worried about cost or insurance coverage? We are here to help you. When you call to schedule your appointment for the first time we will verify your insurance coverage and go over cost and payment options with you. Most insurances cover alternative care (chiropractic, PT, acupuncture, and naturopaths). But benefits vary and there is always a patient portion. This is why we will verify for you, making sure to ask the right questions for you.